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Quark VS is the recognized worldwide authority on the war between Adobe Systems, Inc.’s InDesign and Quark, Inc.’s QuarkXPress for dominance of the publishing, print design, and print production markets. It is a highly specialized Website with a proven history of rendering news and insight unavailable elsewhere into this war and the effect it has on mission critical publishing and design workflows through balanced investigative reporting, insightful editorial, and thorough instruction in the form of tutorials and tips and tricks.


Quark VS officially opened on 1 January 2004 and in its first three months rocketed to the top of its industry. It has remained there ever since with a steady 9% average new visitors and 12% average page view growth per month.

Now approaching its third year, Quark VS has been quoted or written about in dozens of publications and Websites including: Design Tools Monthly, Electronic Publishing, X-Ray Magazine, InDesign Magazine,,, Creative, Weblogs,,,,, and several books and daily newspapers throughout the United States and abroad.

Editorial information published by Quark VS is frequently referenced by industry analysts, investment advisors, educational institutions, and purchasing agents. Quark VS is counted among the top referenced resources by educators in institutions and private training centers, as well as a prime data source for agency principals and buying agents evaluating software and related equipment purchases for a variety of professional creative and publishing workflows.